Curriculum vitae


Full name: Jeroen Bouterse
Date of birth: 1988-02-25


      • February 2016: Doctorate degree, Leiden University (thesis)
      • January 2015: Teaching qualification history, University of Amsterdam
      • August 2011: Research MA Historical and Comparative Studies of the Sciences and Humanities, University of Utrecht (cum laude)
      • March 2010: Research MA Ancient History, Leiden University (cum laude)
      • January 2008: BA History, Leiden University (cum laude)
      • July 2005: VWO, Gymnasium Erasmianum, Rotterdam (Dutch, English, French1, German1,2, Latin, History, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, Physics1, Mathematics b1,2)

Work experience

          • September 2015-present: Mathemathics teacher, Krimpenerwaard College, Krimpen a/d IJssel
          • July 2016-September 2017: Assistant book review editor, Isis Journal
          • September 2016-January 2017Visiting Professor in History, Ghent University
          • February 2016-present: Teaching courses for HOVO Brabant, HOVO Leiden, HOVO Rotterdam
          • April 2011-August 2015: PhD Candidate NWO-sponsored project ‘Philosophical foundations of historiography of science’, supervised by dr. J.W. McAllister (Leiden University)
          • February-May 2015, November 2014-January 2015: guest teacher in history/philosophy, Coornhert Lyceum (Haarlem)
          • February 2011-February 2013: pianist, De Witte Raaf (Noordwijk)
          • September 2008-July 2009: history teacher, Gymnasium Erasmianum (Rotterdam)
          • July 2007-September 2010: student assistant for prof. dr. G.R. Knight, dr. J. Th. Lindblad, prof. dr. H.W. van den Doel, dr. F.G. Naerebout, prof. dr. J.K. Zangenberg, the Faculty of Humanities (Leiden University), and the Huygens Institute (the Hague)
          • September-October 2006: history teacher, Gymnasium Erasmianum (Rotterdam)

Other activities

          • June 2013-present: founder and editor of
          • September 2011-present: book reviewer for
          • September 2011-September 2012: president of cultural student association A.S.V. Prometheus (Leiden)
          • March 2011-August 2013: editor of Spino (journal of the Young Humanists)
          • January-June 2011: assistant at Straatnieuws (Utrecht)


          • May 2014: second prize Banning essay competition ‘The meaning of Europe’
          • September 2012: third prize speech competition Volkskrant/Felix Meritis/Duitslandinstituut
          • September 2011: Best master thesis 2010-2011, University of Utrecht
          • September 2010: Best historical thesis, 2009-2010, Leiden University
          • March 2010: scholarship for UU-UCLA exchange programme

Publications and lectures

For my written publications, see here. Lectures:


          • 13 October: ‘De revolutionibus historiae scientiarum; and a proposal for the next turn’, Promovendisymposium Huizinga Instituut (Hilversum, 13-14 October 2015)
          • 16 April: ‘Have we ever been Whiggish? Presentism, Anachronism, and Whiggism in History of Science’, 42nd Annual Philosophy of Science Conference, Dubrovnik (13-17 April 2015)
          • 5 February: Debate with Rik Peels on atheism and theism, SSR-NU (Utrecht, report in Dutch)
          • 25 January: ‘Circles and symmetry: history of science as a hermeneutic activity’, PhD Conference History of Science, Rolduc (24-25 January 2015)


          • 12 August: Atheïsme en religie. Lezing en debat voor SSR-NU. Utrecht, 12-8-2014.
          • 23 May: ‘The two cultures and the second scientific revolution’, workshop De tweede wetenschappelijke revolutie (Leiden, 23 May)


          • 4 November: ‘Filosofen als experts?’, Lunchlezing in de ‘Week van de ethiek’, Centrum voor ethiek, Faculteit Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen, RUN (Nijmegen, report in Dutch).
          • 19 September: ‘Nature and the philosophy of history of science’, Masterclass Peter Galison (Utrecht).
          • 14 June: ‘Nature and the interpretation of past science’, 14-6-2013. 5th Gewina meeting of historians of science in the Low Countries (Zeist, 14-15 June 2013).
          • 17 May: ‘Max Weber on Western and Chinese philosophy and religion’, 17-5-2013. Philosopher’s rally 2013: China and the West: Mediating narratives (16-17 May, Utrecht).
          • 19 March: ‘Nature and society in the history of science’, PhD Candidates meeting Beijing Normal University (Beijing).
          • 25 January: ‘Kritische en speculatieve filosofie van de wetenschapsgeschiedenis’. Vierde promovendicongres wetenschapsgeschiedenis (24-25 January 2013, Rolduc).


          • 7 December: ‘Biografie als polytheoretisch genre’. 7-12-2012. GeWiNa-symposium: de geleerdenbiografie als bron in de wetenschaps- en universiteitsgeschiedenis (Utrecht).
          • 2 November: ‘Explaining Verstehen. Max Weber’s definition of the interpretive sciences’, Third international conference on the making of the humanities (1-3 November 2012, Rome).
          • 8 June: co-organizer Symposium ‘Between Science and history. Historians and scientists about science and its history’ (Leiden).
          • 1 June: ‘…en toch beweegt zij! Het Whig paradigma en de historiografie van de natuurwetenschappen’, Symposium: het Whig-paradigma in de historiografie, (Amsterdam).


          • 26 November: ‘Geschiedenis, wetenschap en de theorie van “symmetrische” verklaringen’, Alumnidag wijsbegeerte (Leiden).
          • 25 October: ‘Erfzonde en natuurwetenschap bij Augustinus en Melanchthon’, Wetenschapshistorisch Descartes colloquium (Utrecht).
          • 13 April: ‘Astrologie, christendom en wetenschap’, Symposium ‘lot en toeval’ A.S.V. Prometheus en Panoplia (Leiden).


          • 24 August: ‘Explaining Verstehen. Max Weber’s interpretive sociology in relation to scientific psychology’, 24-8-2010, European Society for the History of the Human Sciences conference (23-27 August 2010, Utrecht).


          • 1 August: ‘Progress in detecting progress? Raymond Martin and the Romanization debate’, Europaeum graduate workshop ‘Progress’ (30 July – 1 August 2009, Bonn).


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